Temporal Undulations - Topography of a meteorite
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Temporal Undulations; Topography of a meteorite “…time -stretched to such a vast extent that they become impossible to hold in mind.” (Morton, 2013) A topographic study of a three-dimensional printed meteorite presented in a typological grid, creating an experience for the viewer to familiarize themself with an object that would normally appear unfamiliar. This typology explores the immersive and physical nature of the technical image and how they affect our experience of the world around us, thus questioning our anthropocentrically biased perception of the environment as something separate from us. Morton uses the meteorite as a metaphor for the temporal nature of objects, making them ultimately unknowable. Thereby exacerbating the culture/nature divide, resulting in a failure to fully understand concepts such as time, space, and climate.

Gregor’s practice aims to articulate aspects of the Anthropocene in ways that sit outside of scientific and mass-mediated discourse. His research is examining the creative potential of digital photogrammetry.


  • Materials Inkjet print
  • Dimensions 96x120 cm
  • Edition Edition of 1
  • Framing Unframed