Clay and Stella
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Edition of 3


The caravan park playground is a setting often teeming with noise and laughter of children. Sitting alone in her van, Herrington captured the moment in which two siblings play in an otherwise deserted caravan park playground. Throughout the time she watched them play there were no words spoken between the three strangers, however her feelings of loneliness subsided. In fact, there is a sense of silence within the photo, yet an obvious playful bond between the children, as the girl reaches for her brothers’ hand.

Herrington intended to invoke a feeling of nostalgia, this feeling refers to the action in which children cherish the last moments of play before daylight softens and they are called home.

Shot on a Minolta 404si using Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (pushed to 800 ISO) film.

Artist Bio

Saranne Herrington is a Melbourne-based photographer who has been exploring analogue photography since 2011. She began through befriending her eccentric photography teacher which gained her access to the darkroom after school. Since then, Herrington’s self-taught methods have exclusively focused on 35mm film, experimenting with a variety of different colour and black and white images. In recent years, she has returned to developing her own negatives at home. This has allowed for more creative freedom as well as a chance to educate and engage the wider community about the experimental process.

Herrington believes that photography isn’t about editing photos for perfection, instead she aims to produce works that are a true reflection of its subject and elicits feelings of rawness. In order to do this, she draws upon portraiture as a way to detail the vulnerable and intimate connections she has with other people. In her work, she aspires to bring attention to the things that are often unnoticed in everyday life. Through careful observation, she intends to capture these moments in hope that her audience can focus, reflect and gain meaning from what is often overlooked.

As a part of her creative process, she tries to incorporate photography into her life in a way that is not invasive. She does not place shooting a photograph in front of the moment itself which is shown through her documentation style. Photography similar to the works of Carol Jerrems and Vivian Maier are a constant inspiration, and she hopes to challenge herself to incorporate the bold and subjective styles of these artists into her own work. Herrington aspires to one day hold an intimate exhibition, creating an interactive and immersive space for her audience. But most importantly, she would like to continue to create for herself.


  • Materials Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper
  • Dimensions 14 x 20 inches
  • Edition Edition of 3