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Bees are busy all the time, busy as bees, as the metaphor states. A bee’s life is short, they do not live for more than four to five weeks, and yet many die before that. However, when you see bees drowning in honey, it’s a different story. A quote by Nikos Kazantsakis says, “I once saw a bee drowned in honey and I understood”. It suggests that whatever you love in excess will “kill” you in the end. Sometimes life is such a grind day to day that when the moments of bliss or “honey moments” occur we stop and dive so deep that no matter how big a breath we took before we dove; we run out of air and drown.

Artist Bio

Amelia Eftos recently graduated from studying photography at Curtin University. It was here that she developed her photographic style of producing colourful series, that include deeper psychological meanings. Her work varies in many ways, including more simplistic, respected and detailed work, to energetic and slightly artificial fun work.

Not only do her inspirations come from psychology, as a lot of it is influenced by film, theories, philosophy and history. Her passion lies within creative direction and fashion photography. Thinking in a fine art perspective she wishes to pursue this into fashion photography editorials, aiming to inspire and change the way fashion photography is usually seen today.


  • Materials Matte paper
  • Dimensions 29.7 cm x 42 cm