Bright Light - Can You See?
$119.00 AUD
Edition 5/5


it is a funny poke at the stringent measures due to COVID captured during a train ride. A passenger uses the mask as a shade because the lights are too bright since he forgot his shades.

Abigail Chua was born in Manila, Philippines. At the age of 15, her family moved to the United States for a better life and education. She studied HS and earned her bachelors and masters from New York University. Growing up, her friends were from everywhere in the world; religion, race, culture and language were mere descriptions, not definitions. Abigail’s childhood was in constant flux between languages, cultures, third and first worlds, on a daily basis. At home, she would sit around the dining table and speak Chinese/ Tagalog / Spanish with her parents, turn, and speak in English to her siblings and friends.

Abigail is a project manager for a construction company by day. As an immigrant, she gives a world view of her passion for visual arts through her photography “the quick shot”. Abigail’s work is about the modern world and our place in it. Light is the foundation and sets the tone of the conversation. she captures in an instant, which forces the viewer to come closer to explore for more detail or to take a step back to understand the full picture. The idea of the “perceived” and the “actual” elicit reactions of fondness that is constant. As an artist, she has the unique opportunity to exemplify, subvert, and redefine these concepts.


  • Materials Archival Ink Jet Print
  • Dimensions PCP Edition 50.8 x 35.5 cm. Artist Edition 91 x 44 cm.
  • Edition Edition 5/5
  • Framing Unframed