The Flowers Under My Shoe
$125.00 AUD
Collective Edition of 1.


The photo of the common Asteraceae, Cotula Turbinata found growing in Perth, Western Australia on the grassy sidewalks, aims to focus on minor problems. The image interprets the thought process behind obsessing over the minor details instead of the bigger picture. Ironically, a thumbnail-sized flower is centered in the middle of the composition. The small details begin to hinder our ability to complete or even begin a task due to the fear of the end product not meeting our idealised standards. This small joyful flower, at the bottom of my shoe dictates my choice.

Tara Jean Browne is an artist and a secondary visual arts and photography teacher from Perth, WA. Her methodology focuses on incorporating her multifaceted practices to interpret everyday scenes, dreamlike landscapes, and the psyche. Browne's artwork is a private dialogue of personal experiences and imagery that communicates and relates with her audience on an empathetic level.


  • Materials Smooth fine art paper
  • Dimensions Collective Edition: 20 x 20 inches.
  • Edition Collective Edition of 1.
  • Framing Unframed