Labours of Love is a new exhibition by Kate Golding and her collaborators is the result of a co-making art practice that has occurred alongside the artist’s care-work. For this mode of creation the studio location had endless possibilities – the domestic space, outdoors in nature, or a social setting in which the artist and her community found themselves. In the resulting body of work the praxis of care and art combine, where the artist’s attention rather than being divided between caregiving and art-making is able to move between the two.

The artworks operate as physical representations of memory, a record of caregiving and a reflection on the ways in which we can create caring, compassionate relationships. The works presented are an exploration of the caregiving journey, relational connection and community bonding.

Having spent over a decade researching, critiquing and making art about the memorialisation of colonial histories, Golding’s focus for this exhibition shifts to considering the lack of memorialisations acknowledging the significance of birth-giving, reproductive labour and care-work. Labours of Loveacknowledges that much of the art-work and care-work carried out is undervalued and as a consequence goes unpaid or underpaid.