Al Di La Dell'Aqua
Al Di La Dell'Aqua
Al Di La Dell'Aqua
$60.00 AUD


The title of the project derives from the phrase "Lòt Bò Dlo", a kreyòl expression of the Haitian inhabitants, which stands for promise (of a better future) and peril (of Black Atlantic Ocean), hope and despair, seeking different answers on the other side of the water. This is the starting point of the project of Massimiliano Camellini, a four year period spent in the exploration of cargo vessels of different nationalities; he started also from the literary inspiration of the novel "Novecento" by Italian writer Alessandro Baricco: the novel tells the story of a sailor who decides that a life entirely spent on board, although far from the earth and from its 'guarantees', will be the best choice, always and forever


an abstract from the text "photography of an Oxymoron" by ANDREA TINTERRI, project curator.

The project AL DI LA DELL'ACUA has been published by editor Greta's books (Milan, Italy) on 2017 with a book including written contribution of Andrea Tinterri (art writing and curator), Donatello Bellomo (Italian writer, author of the novel "We cargo man", and Fabio Dei (anthropologist).


  • Materials Hardcover, artist's book
  • Dimensions 285mm x 380mm