'"Coney Island Malibu Beach" - artist's book by Benjamin Acree, Robert S. Johnson & Jackson Eaton.
Coney Island Malibu Beach
Coney Island Malibu Beach
$25.00 AUD


This book gathers together a series of photographs taken by Benjamin Acree, Jackson Eaton and Robert S. Johnson, as they collectively passed through the United States in 2009. What is striking in these images is the very absence of the cultivated, dominant images, we all, as everyday consumers of imagery and photography, have as archetypes of Malibu Beach: there are no glimmering buildings facades, no sun-baked, oil-glistening skin, no lines of palm trees in crepuscular light. It is this absence that defines the collection; an absence which does not attempt to signify the sanctity of the condition, but provides, determinedly, its own portrait of the real.


an abstract from the introduction by Matthew Hall.


  • Materials Paperback, artist's book
  • Dimensions 210mm x 296mm