“There is certainly an illustrative quality of ghostliness, of melancholy, even of a lurking evil to some of these pictures: the trace of something ancient, disruptive of our normal sense of the world.” Greg Thomas, The British Journal of Photography

The Remote Part is a photographic project by Alex Boyd that highlights the importance of environmental conservation. The project captures the fragile Atlantic coastlines of Scotland and Ireland, showcasing the stunning beauty of its landscapes and its ancient settlements. On the edge of Europe, this exhibition presents the stunning mountain ranges, lochs, and lonely moors which have long inspired the work of artists and poets.

Alex Boyd’s decade-long project is a reflection of his devotion to preserving the natural world. Through his use of an antique method of photography, Boyd captures the landscape in its most natural state, revealing the stark beauty of the environment in high-contrast monochrome.

The Remote Part invites us to bear witness to the evolution of our relationship with nature. It reminds us of our dependency on the natural environment, the destruction we have caused, and the urgent need for preservation. The exhibition displays Boyd’s internationally celebrated work, which is a testament to the importance of environmental conservation in today’s world.