After Party Aftermath
$125.00 AUD
Collective Edition of 1.


Here they barely stood, bloody but feeling good. PCP Aberdeen Street. July 2014. 

hey zeus immolates as witches soar through shards of broken clouds
revolving semenal fists eviscerate the fertile plains
spores rocket through the drought
dust clinging to the nouveau venus
like pollen desperate to become honey
the sound of colours trickle down through hibernation and hiroshima the atoms
that bind into a tidal wave of fluid subversion and syncopatic creation
primordial ooze dances like blindness upon newfoundland
cutting a rug and balloon strings of all those shackled by the light of gravity
together they procreate new evolution and freedom is not dreamt but is
We are the new Life.


  • Materials Smooth fine art paper
  • Dimensions Collective Edition: 16 x 20 inches.
  • Edition Collective Edition of 1.