Splata II
$560.00 AUD


These images were recently featured in Bento Box Designs’ BENTO10 Magazine.

I'm a photographer learning design. I often try to create systems to replicate for variation within design but for some time I've had trouble marrying the concepts of photography and design in my practical work. Lately I've been expanding my skill sets to more physical mediums (illustrations and paints) and using those skills to experiment. I used shots I had taken at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre for their minimal composition, neat, organized lines and low key colours. Contrasting the pristine, organized and calculated nature of architecture against the accidental, free form, random mess of paint. These forms contradict each other in harmony and represent to me the nature of experimentation in art, near-accidental innovation.


  • Materials Hahnemühle Fine Art Prints
  • Dimensions 420mm x 594mm
  • Framing Unframed