East Coast Tasmania
$3,300.00 AUD
Edition of 2; AP


While the east coast (Tasmania) often feels like a second home, I'm always amazed as I find new parts, especially of the coast. Walking, hiking endlessly discovering using the i-device (currently and iPhone), this work seeks to create an immersive experience similar to how the world is being experienced through camera phones and mobile devices, experimenting with how the device could enhance our appreciation and engagement with the natural environment rather than as a distraction that disconnects us from being ‘in the moment’.

Kózka's work investigates the portrayal of remembered moments through tableau photograph, leading to explorations of “real vs fake”, interdisciplinary practices that include sculpture and the use of 3D scanning to explore a more fluid understanding of memory and why it is an important part of human experience.


  • Materials Inkjet print
  • Dimensions 120x68 cm
  • Edition Edition of 2; AP
  • Care instructions Unframed