"Asarina (James) #2" by Ebony Talijancich. Photographic Print. Portrait, leaves, flowers, shadows.
$495.00 AUD
Edition of 10


Boys in Bloom is an observation and dissemination of the current state of masculinity extending beyond sexuality. Previously conceptualized as being at opposite ends of a continuum, with masculinity on one end precluding one from being feminine on the other end, perceptions of ‘maleness’ have historically been exclusive to sexual identity. This photo series showcases the new norm in the next generation of budding men: the amalgamation of femininity and masculinity into one fluid dimension.

Ebony Talijancich’s body of work depicts themes of youth sexuality in an attempt to capture the new normal; her subjects are unretouched and unapologetic about their bodies, representing the ‘real’ majority rather than an aspirational and unattainable ideal. Shooting exclusively on 35mm film, Ebony’s pictures are hallmarked by vivid colour, playful light, and dreamy haze. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Photomedia at Edith Cowan University.


  • Materials Canson Rag Photographique
  • Dimensions 66.6cm x 100cm
  • Edition Edition of 10