I knew war time has come because gardening was over, Composition II
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I knew wartime has come because gardening was over, is a series of videos, slow-moving images, disintegrating landscapes, and assemblages. It is tackling violence embedded in the Lebanese landscape. While this mountain range forms the geographical border between Lebanon and Syria, hearing shell blasts echoing through the landscape has become a normal thing.

Vimeo link: Composition II  https://vimeo.com/732681863  

Password: 98yZHe

Eliane Touma, is a Lebanese born (1987) interdisciplinary artist and researcher. She’s currently enrolled in a Ph.D. at the Australian National University, School of Art, and Design. In 2021, Eliane was a fellow artist at the Home Workspace Program (HWP) lectures and workshops led by Ashkal Alwan in Beirut.


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