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Irruption, from the latin irruptio, meaning to attack or assault with sudden violence. And violence takes many forms. The recent years have been a time of intense violence, of irruption. Of heat, fires, rain, and flooding. The ocean, once a place of relief and peace has become a destructive force. We have been locked down, and in. And as more and more news of gendered violence emerged, a deluge of truth irrupted. I finally understood that the systems and people responsible for the oppression of women are the very architects of the catastrophic demise of our environment. For decades I have had a distorted worldview. Now, I intentionally distort the world to make it more real. I want others to be confronted by the irruption, confused by the anger. Now it is their turn to sit with the discomfort that I have felt for as long as I can remember.  

Katherine is an Australian based photographer with an interest in the intimate bond between people and nature, gender and the environment as well as the therapeutic effects of image-making.


  • Materials Photographic print
  • Dimensions 81x54 cm
  • Edition Edition of 15
  • Framing Unframed