Kororoit Creek
$800.00 AUD
Edition of 5


Kororoit Creek is a watercourse that runs from the northwest outer suburbs of Melbourne to Port Philip Bay. The creek flows southeast past the lava plains and suburban housing developments of western Melbourne. The traditional custodians of the land surrounding the creek are the Wurundjeri people who had hunted, fished and camped along the creek for thousands of years. The name “Kororoit” is thought to come from an Aboriginal word meaning “male kangaroo” Aboriginal habitation of Kororoit Creek and the surrounding area is evident in the form of many scattered artifacts along the creek. Despite local community groups whose aim is to enhance and restore the Kororoit Creek corridor. The remnants and refuse of suburban life are still washed into the creek. This landscape of the creek was made with a Diana plastic camera that functions like a pinhole camera. The final in-camera image is a culmination of physical movements along the creek, exposing the frame at different time intervals and making micro advances in the film winding mechanism.

Thuy Vy is a Vietnamese Australian Artist based in Melbourne. His works in film and photography on art, documentary and commercial projects.


  • Materials Photograph (analog/film)
  • Dimensions 40x35 cm
  • Edition Edition of 5
  • Framing Unframed