Mikayla (PCP Edition)
$1,000.00 AUD
1/1 PCP Collective Special Edition


Portrait of my first cousin once removed, Mikayla, taken at the celebration of my family farm’s centenary.

Artist Bio

Emma Pegrum is an Australian journalist, writer and photographer. She uses photography as a means of observing and connecting to the world around her, exploring contemporary Australian life and identities. She grew up on a farm in Kondinin, a small wheatbelt town in Western Australia, and is particularly interested in the perceptions that exist between rural and urban Australians, lifecycles, and themes of familial love, legacy, pride and shame.

Emma’s current ongoing series is titled I Live in a Time Capsule, and documents her time spent in isolation on her farm during its centenary year. Through making photos of her family, the land and household objects, Emma retrieves the stories, myths and memories at the intersect of childhood nostalgia and adult perception.


  • Materials Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper
  • Edition 1/1 PCP Collective Special Edition