Night Gardeners
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Edition of 20


Flying Foxes are a migratory and nomadic keystone species that many plants and animals rely upon to survive and prosper. They play a significant role in sustaining Australia's ecosystems through pollinating flowers and dispersing seeds as they forage native Australian flora. The Flying Fox is the only indigenous animal that travels thousands of kilometres pollinating native forests at night — when a majority of Australian flora needs to be pollinated.     This work investigates the ecology of the Flying Fox. Presented in a traditional documentary framework, it aims to slip into a contemplative space in an attempt to examine the interrelationship between Flying Foxes and Humans.

Pearce is a photographer based in Naarm (Melbourne). His research and practice explore the interrelationships between humans and non-humans. He utilises traditional documentary practices, found imagery and intervention in an attempt to engage viewers with their own perceptions of the non-human.


  • Materials Giclee print
  • Dimensions 100x80 cm
  • Edition Edition of 20
  • Framing Framed