$125.00 AUD
Collective Edition of 1.


Recently I had the opportunity to explore Sydney for a weekend, and from all the photographs taken this is the only image I have no recollection of. A lot was learnt walking the streets in those few days and I believe this frame defines everything I wanted to be in that 250th of a second. An image composed and shot from the hip, likely exposed from an earlier frame down the street, a moment from shear instinct gone so fast it's memory eludes myself. I am a passer-by, the street photographer so invisible I don't see him beside me, and this is his photograph.

A photographer for the sake of taking photos. Soren is on the endless pursuit to document and express his experiences through the decisive moment.


  • Materials Smooth fine art paper
  • Dimensions Collective Edition: 16 x 20 inches.
  • Edition Collective Edition of 1.
  • Framing Unframed