Interrupted Recollection II
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Edition 2 of 5



Interrupted Recollection problematises the indexicality of photographs by reducing the distance between the photographic subject and the media used for photographic presentation and reproduction. This series accentuates and celebrates the failures of digital and analog displays, scanners and paper in rendering the subject as it is in life, and reflects upon the tenuous between photography, truth and memory.

Paul Sutherland is a photographer and visual artist based in Perth, Western Australia. At the core of his practice, Sutherland is concerned with post-photographic phenomena, extending into video, photo-sculpture and affective installation. Sutherland's work has been exhibited in solo and group shows within Western Australia and nationally, and has been included in the 2018 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award and won the student prize at the 2016 CLIP Award at the Perth Centre for Photography


  • Dimensions 80cm x120cm
  • Edition Edition 2 of 5