Play fight
$119.00 AUD


This was shot with an Olympus XA and Kodak Ektar 100 and a reminder to not be afraid to use flash from time to time....

Adam Helmer has been passionate about photography since he was a teenager and it provides a nice balance to his work as a trauma counsellor. He usually shoots film and has (too!) many old cameras, though mostly uses his Konica Hexar AF, Olympus Pen FT, Mamiya C220, Kiev 88 and Canon AE-1 Program. Adam has an interest in street photography, urban landscapes, music photography, portraiture and documentary photography. You can usually find him lurking around the streets of Perth, camera in hand on his lunch break or chasing light after work. Adam has had photos in exhibitions in Perth as part of Lomovember as well as photos in exhibitions in Athens, Cologne and Zagreb through Lomography International. One of his images was chosen by Band of Horses and Chris Wilson to be part of an exhibition in Los Angeles and he has been published in Contrast Magazine (Hawaii) and in Half Frame Club Zines. Adam has shot images for the Perth International Jazz Festival and had photos in associated exhibitions.


  • Materials Archival inkjet print
  • Dimensions PCP Collective Edition 35 x 50.8 cm