Remnants of the Universe
$250.00 AUD
Edition of 3


light taking flight (2020)

I have seen the stars

With kaleidoscope eyes

I saw them fall.

Made of stardust

the impossibility of my existence

like a rare bird in the land

takes flight

The stars guide me while the ocean brings me home. What is written in the sky is reflected in the landscape and memorised in the camera. I lived by the Pacific for twenty-four years but now the Indian Ocean unifies my life. The Western desert, bush and coast has become part of my molecular fabric. When we look through a telescope, we time travel to light years past. The swan nebula, 5000 light years away, is where stars are born. We are made of stardust. Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and

nitrogen explode into existence. Though the light takes millions of miles to reach our eyes that does not mean that the stars we see above us are not there. Symbolising a phenomenon that should not exist but evidently and undoubtedly does the emblematic black swan represents my fight to take up space. Finalised during a romantically abhorrent time, this work breathes into me a capacity to create which is not a position easily possessed by artist mothers.


  • Materials Archival pigment print
  • Dimensions 30 x 40 cm
  • Edition Edition of 3