Rottnest New Year's Day 2
$475.00 AUD
Edition of 20


The source photographs for this piece were captured on Rottnest Island on New Year's Day.  I wanted to create a more dulcet and painterly piece with this one. I love the sense of depth and the rolling, lolling lines of the dunes that cut through the landscape. The colours align to the soft pastels of the dunes and the blues of the ocean. It took me many hours to reach a conclusion with this one. I hope people get a sense of Rotto, and find a new appreciation for the dunes that they may have overlooked previously. Maybe there are other 'mundane' or 'everyday' plants that transform into otherworldly things when viewed and treated differently. 

Shenade Unicomb is a Perth-born digital photographer and photomontage artist who captures coastal botanical landscapes, transforming them into virtual realities. She urges the observer to pause and wonder what’s actually happening, to be confused about what is and isn't real.


  • Materials Inkjet print on wood
  • Dimensions 76.2x76.2 cm
  • Edition Edition of 20
  • Framing Unframed