Splendor On the Grass
$125.00 AUD
Collective Edition of 1.


This image was taken on a spring afternoon in my backyard. It represents the care-free attitude of living out of home, getting together with your mates and taking your tops off in the sun. Perhaps one can think about the notion of female nakedness and how that is limited only to our yards. What gives this image an edge is the topless male on the left. He is carefree, comfortable and happy. What the image is saying, is that after a while, there is no awkwardness or Un comfortability around men being around topless women. It is simply pleasant that everyone can enjoy basking in the sun, cracking open a cold one and listen to the hottest 100. There's a particular 'Australian' element to the photograph. With harsh light and an abundant of daisies, one can really feel the hot spring afternoon that the Australian sun has to offer. This image was taken in black and white to portray the harshness of the sun and the pure glow and smoothness of the nude bodies.

Laura Angel is a Melbourne-raised photographer who currently resides in Perth, Australia. From a young age, she took photos of anything she found interesting. Today she is more refined in her work and identifies her genre of photography as 'social documentation'. Whether she is in the country or the city, Laura aims to capture people in their environments. Her photographs go beyond a general 'landscape' or 'street' image. Laura delves deeper to capture the humanistic quality of a moment. You might find Laura in the front row at a local music gig with one of her film cameras, or out in nature, trying to capture anything but the obvious.


  • Materials Smooth fine art paper
  • Dimensions Collective Edition: 16 x 20 inches.
  • Edition Collective Edition of 1.
  • Framing Unframed