The Great Pyramid of Osborne Park
$250.00 AUD
Edition of 1


Constructed predominantly of Limestone quarried near Giza, The Pyramids of Giza served as religious monuments heavily connected to the belief in the afterlife. A Pharaoh could travel to the afterlife with their earthly possessions and loved ones when buried together in a grand burial chamber. This 3-meter tall Limestone pyramid is located in the Osborne Park Industrial area. Engraved, “Lime Tested by Time”. It signifies the structural longevity of limestone, referencing the 4000-year-old limestone pyramids of Giza. Rejoice! now you too can live like a king, your new limestone retaining wall will not only outlive you but also complement your newly erected Shale Grey™️ Colourbond® fence, and freshly planted Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass. Monuments to man’s arrogance.  

Jesse Pretorius is a photographer working in contemporary landscapes, and urban and suburban environments. He assays to create work through the psychogeographer and flâneur methodologies. Through extensive walks, he records patterns and outliers of contemporary life, exploring some of the most banal and beautiful aspects of Perth.


  • Materials Inkjet print
  • Dimensions 59.4x42 cm
  • Edition Edition of 1
  • Framing Unframed