Tiago (PCP Edition)
$1,000.00 AUD
1/1 PCP Collective Special Edition


“Tiago” is a result of a series of photographs captured in Eduardo's domestic surrounds. It is a visual exploration of an inside world and a private life. It captures intimacy, family, his son, his wife and daily moments of a family that brings the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Artist Bio

Eduardo is a passionate, highly creative and self motivated photographer and graphic designer. Graduated in 2007 with a Honours Degree in photography, he began is journey as a commercial printer and gig photographer in his home country of Portugal.

At the same time, Eduardo always had an interest for art and conceptual photography where he has been exploring concepts such as body, genetic heritage, parenthood and childhood and lately he has turned his camera towards the inside of his surroundings. For him, to photograph someone he needs to love and to have empathy with the subject. An example of that is his eight years of capturing moments of his family.

Eduardo Cordeiro is a member of PCP since early 2020 and he has done volunteering work for the gallery.


  • Materials Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt paper
  • Edition 1/1 PCP Collective Special Edition