Two Winters, Turvey Park, Wiradjuri Country
$750.00 AUD
Edition of 1


I am interested in photography that is representative of ecological thinking. These collages combine the lumen print process and photographs made while walking to collapse any sense of distinctness between subject, environment, artist, and the ecological processes of which everything is a part. This approach is a small and personal reflection on the experience of being in and aware of a complex and vibrant system that lives, has agency, and speaks on its own terms. 

James T. Farley is an artist and teacher based in Wagga Wagga, NSW. James’ work is an ecological exploration of place. His recent work visualises the intersecting histories of ecological, industrial, and cultural forces in regional areas, and considers these overlaps in this time of ecological crisis.


  • Materials Unique lumen print with glued inkjet prints
  • Dimensions 65x55 cm
  • Edition Edition of 1
  • Framing Framed diptych