What was
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'What Was' typifies the feeling experienced when listening to the band "King Ibis" music. A whimsical journey that I wanted to portray in portrait form. The way I achieved this was a multiple exposure on film overlapping each of the members faces to create a sense of mystery.

I reconnected with my passion for photography in 2017, age 20. Photography books found in some op shops along with receiving my grandmothers old Olympus OM-G camera. This set in motion a series of chain reactions that lead me to where I am as a photographer today. My main creative outlet was, and still is, music. As a preforming musician, I always found myself drawn to well composed/unique photos of bands I’ve shared the stage with. Whilst at university an abundance of spare time lead to me researching, fixing and using many film cameras and found me a position in a photo lab. Since this convergence of events I have continued to develop my photographic voice and have continued to use only film as my medium. Now, I am taking many pictures for performing bands in Perth (Michael Dunstan, King Ibis, Finn Pearson etc) utilising multiple exposures in the majority of these works. I find creating unique and creative images using one of the oldest ‘special effects’ a challenging, rewarding and fun experience. The 30th of July 2021 also sees the first exhibition in which I have been involved at Bellevue art space as part of Corrugated Gallery’s latest exhibit. Moving forward I will continue to hone my craft, particularly multiple exposures on film. At first, I was afraid of my work being seen as a gimmick but now I have developed the means to express exactly how a band, individual, scene makes me feel/react in photographic form I am free from these thoughts. By no means do I consider myself (a marine science major/ordinary musician) a trained artist, merely a hobbyist expressing oneself.


  • Materials Inkjet print
  • Dimensions 50.6 x 71 cm
  • Edition Edition of 1
  • Framing White timber frame